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Professional Summary

Hey, I’m Anil, currently the Founder of Rigo Water Filtration.

I am a water expert by profession and an entrepreneur from heart.

Since I was a young child (literally when I was ten years old), I have had a business mindset. Back then, our local grocery shop taught me the basics.

However, I fell in love with Water much later when I started “ Rigo Water Filtration” in 2012.  With the help of three team members, I expanded it to more than 1000 installations. After facing significant obstacles in the residential market, we decided to discontinue Rigo.

Even yet, I kept attempting new things and experimenting despite my failures.

So, in the second innings of Rigo in 2018, when I was on the hunt for problems to solve with Rigo, we heard many challenges for safe drinking water for underprivileged people, especially in rural areas of India.

In less than 4 years, we served over 1 million people with safe drinking water with the help of CSR projects from Samsung, Rotary, Epson, Future Group, Karur Vysya Bank, Reaching Hands, Microland, and many more.

In July 2022, I received the Social Entrepreneur Award of the Year from the august hands of GMR Group Chairman Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao and Hon. Member of Parliament TG Venkatesh at Nriva Global Convention in Chicago.

During the same week, I was grateful to be honored by the Union Minister of India, Shri Kaushal Kishore, with the Best Project Management Brand of the Year award for CSR in Rural Development in New Delhi for the pioneering work done by Rigo in the social development space.

While the distance between Chicago and New Delhi is around 12,000 km, the award and recognition I received within a week at both these places remain the same.

Every recognition is a motivation to perform to the highest standards of excellence.

My team and I at Rigo are grateful for the honor that was bestowed on me.

Till now, 1 million people a day. That’s how many we’re providing safe drinking water for.

ANI, Hindustan Times, Business Standard, Daily Hunt, and other reputed publications have featured me in their articles and other resources.

I have delivered over 30 workshops and many talks to top companies, colleges, and online events.

If you want to talk more about CSR, marketing strategy, or safe drinking water (since it’s my personal favorite), hit me up or just email me:

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Projects Experience

2018 to till date


The safe drinking water project was planned and executed by us and benefitted 1000s of schools with lacs of underprivileged students who were deprived of clean drinking water.

2018 to till date


The safe drinking water project that we executed and carried out in fluoride-affected regions like the Kolar and chickballapur districts benefited thousands of schools and thousands of poor pupils who were denied access to clean drinking water.

2021 to till date


We implemented clean drinking water for more than 6000 students at government schools since the Kolar district had difficulty with sewage water coming from Bangalore, which caused numerous health difficulties.



Master Of Business Administration

Specialized in Marketing.


Bachelor of Business Management

Specialized in Finance, Operations Management, & Management Information Systems.


I love to play golf, and I work hard during working days and Saturdays you can find me at the shopping or cinema. Sunday I would love to relax at home by watching movies and chilling out with my favorite Red Wine.

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